Due to ongoing uncertainty and disruptions of COVID-19, the Committee of Management have made the decision to move this year’s Annual General Meeting to a virtual platform.

This decision has not been taken lightly and has been made to provide certainty to our shareholder whanau, while ensuring we do our utmost to protect our whakapapa.

Recent online opportunities for shareholders have proven successful, therefore we are confident in delivering the AGM to you in the safety of your home.

CLICK HERE to register:

Select which group you belong to:

1. Rautitikura – Parininihi ki Waitōtara Shareholder.

This group is for all current shareholders. Please note, if you are a trustee of a whanau trust, only one trustee can register in this group. The remaining trustees and any beneficiaries can register in the next group (Parininihi ki Waitōtara Whānau Whānui). This group will be able to vote in the PKW Inc AGM and the PKW Trust AGM.

2. Parininihi ki Waitōtara Whānau Whānui.

This group is for any of our wider Taranaki whanau to register themselves. This group will be able to vote in the PKW Trust AGM only.

3. Parininihi ki Waitōtara Kaiarahi & Kaimahi.

This group is for our Board Members (who are not Shareholders in their own right) and our Staff to register.

4. Rawaho. This group is for those that are not Shareholders or uri of Taranaki, but would like to view the live stream.

You will need complete a short questionnaire, which will help us confirm that your are in the correct group.

Then you will receive instructions to download ACE Event App.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Phone 0800 759 462 or email office@pkw.co.nz