Independent Director – PKW Farms

Mr Luscombe has extensive technical and  governance experience in the agri-business sector. He graduated from Massey University with a BAgSci(Hons) degree, and then continued his learnings as a DSIR, Agricultural Research Scientist, before a beginning his dairy farming career. His award of a Nuffield Scholarship, and later studies at INSEAD Business School  further enhanced his skills. He is a former director of Kiwi Cooperative Dairies Limited, Kiwi Milk Products Limited, Dairy InSight,  Industry Research Company Dexcel, and former chair of New Zealand Animal Evaluation Limited. Mr Luscombe is currently a director of Allied Farmers Limited, New Zealand Farmer Livestock Limited, New Zealand Farmers Livestock Finance Limited, Te Rua O Te Moko Limited, and a number of private farm companies . He is a trustee of The Massey-Lincoln and Agricultural Industry Trust and a former trustee of the Massey University Agricultural Research Foundation. He and his wife Ainsley, have farming interests in dairy farms in Taranaki and Otago, and in forestry.