He Tangata He Whenua He Oranga




When a shareholder passes away, it is important for his or her Māori Land interests (which includes shares in any Māori Incorporation) are vested in the correct people.  This process is called succession.

Successions are processed by the Māori Land Court.

Another issue to consider is fragmentation of shares.  Fragmentation of shares occurs when a  shareholder’s shares are succeeded to by his or her descendants.  For example of a shareholder owned 5 shares and had 5 children; after the succession was processed by the Māori Land Court each of the 5 children would receive 1 share each.  Over the generations, shares become smaller and smaller as descendants succeed to their individual shares.

To prevent fragmentation of shares, whanau may consider forming a Whanau Trust.

Missing Shareholders

Over half (60%) of all PKW shareholders are missing and although we try to find these shareholders this is a constant challenge.  Shareholders can help by keeping their contact details current and or by establishing a whānau trust to keep the shares together.

As a result of missing shareholders we are holding nearly $7.3M in unclaimed dividends. 

Every year we publish the list of missing shareholders and if you recognize anyone please contact us.

These lists show any shareholder that has any unclaimed dividends held by us.

Please note, the minimum amount that we can direct credit to a NZ Bank Account is $5.00; and the minimum amount that we can direct credit to an Australian Bank Account is $100.00.

Shareholder Forms

To update your details on our Share Register, we now require a Shareholder Information form to be completed and returned to us.  You have two options.

You can complete the form online, or  download a form and send this to us once completed.

If you send your completed form, please ensure:

  • that the form is signed and dated (section 5);
  • that you provide a copy of your Photo Identification (eg. your Driver’s License or Passport); and
  • you provide confirmation from your Bank that the account number is correct.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

The PKW Trust

Taranaki Iwi netball team taken at Taranaki Tu Mai, 2015 with a Taranaki Toa representative.  Both groups have been supported by the PKW Trust.

PKW Trust

The PKW Trust was established in 1983 to support Taranaki whānui with their education and cultural aspirations.  Today, some of those recipients serve on the Committee of Management and in key leadership roles in our community. 

The Trusts mission is to ‘Seed Potential’ and we are proud of the many seeds we have supported over the years.