He Tangata He Whenua He Oranga




Our agribusiness consists of three separate but interconnected business activities, and today we are the largest farmer in Taranaki and Taranaki-based milk supplier to Fonterra. 

The three pillars of our agribusiness are health and safety, a kaitiaki to the environment and respecting and caring for our livestock.

The success of our farming business depends on the way we care for our people and the way our people care for our animals and we strive to ensure that our systems and processes set the highest possible standards.

We are proud of our strategic relationships across this sector and some of our trusted partners are:

Dairy Operations

Our dairy operations utilise 2,450ha of land across 15 dairy farms and we milk approximately 7,000 cows in a range of managed, contract milked or share-milked arrangements.

As the majority of our PKW Whenua is dairy land, this is our largest business and our focus are sustainable farming systems that maximises profit from our dairy production.  We are ensuring that over time we continue to re-invest in our land and infrastructure to ensure we are a high quality, safe and environmentally sound business.

Dry Stock operations

Our dry stock operations utilise 1,464ha of land across 12 dairy support units.  This arm of our business is closely linked to the dairy business with a large proportion of the land used for dairy support purposes.  Consequently, dairy and dry-stock managers work closely together with one responding to the needs of the other.

We are the proud owners of a state of art calf-rearing unit with the capacity to rear 1,600 calves annually in a closely controlled environment.  This facility is well positioned to rear as many calves as possible from our dairy farms to be finished as beef stock; including high quality breeds like Wagyu that earn premium prices internationally. 

The remainder of our properties rear and finish beef animals to market along with farming breeding bulls for use in the local dairy industry.

Corpus Land Portfolio

Corpus Land Portfolio

The Corpus Land Portfolio represents 20,000 hectares that is owned by PKW and under 326 perpetual leases.  These leases are the foundation of PKW’s business interests and provide a steady annual rental income for us.

From time to time a leasee will sell their leasehold interests and PKW has the right to purchase that lease surpassing any agreement the seller has reached with a potential buyer.  This first right of refusal creates an ongoing opportunity for ourselves and our existing and potential business partners.

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PKW is a partner in Port Nicholson Fisheries Limited Partnership which is the second largest processor and exporter of live lobster in Aotearoa New Zealand.  This business process three income streams for PKW making this an attractive business activity.  Through the partnership we have trusted business relationships with:


Commercial Property

We own four commercial properties in Taranaki with long term lease arrangements with well-established organisations.  Our most recent acquisition is the base of our operations.  Appropriately named The PKW Whare this building represents who we are and is a positive representation of our future.   


PKW is a passive investor in Rockit Orchard No.2 LP, located in the Hawkes Bay and part of the Rockit Apples Group. Our investment grows the Rockit apple, a deliciously sweet, miniature sized nutritious treat for when you’re on the go. Packed into recyclable tubes, it’s healthy, natural and perfect for busy lives – in the car, at sport, at your desk or at school


PKW is a 50/50 owner in the Mangaoapa Forest Partnership.  This north-east Taranaki based venture of 240 hectares of Radiata Pine planted in 1993.  This investment is over 20 years old and the forest will continue to grow to reach full maturity;  at which time the partnership will discuss harvesting options.

Other Investments

PKW is a passive investor in Te Pūia Tāpapa.  Te Pūia Tāpapa is a reference to a cluster of seed beds used to grow kumara, symbolising the creation of a co-investment fund between multiple Iwi / Maori organisations to achieve growth and financial returns by pooling resources together to access larger scale direct investment opportunities.